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Our mission statement at the Free Cities Podcast is to produce a weekly podcast with examples of people moving towards freedom and away from force. Most of our episodes will consist of interviews with people who are actively involved in this peaceful transition, or historical examples of people who have moved towards a freer society. Decentralization is a huge component of moving people towards more freedom so, some of our episodes will look at the growing trend of decentralization in business and how flatter structures can result in better feedback and better products. Peaceful voluntary co-operation between individuals has been responsible for the enormous growth in human prosperity, and we believe that markets can and do provide services better than governments can. I hope you enjoy the podcasts and articles on this site. The purpose of the content is to demonstrate that voluntary co-operation between individuals is the best solution to problems. Please feel free to provide feedback and provide suggestions for future guests on the show.
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Jan 23, 2017

The guest Christina Sandefur discuss the "Right to Try" initiative. It is a bill that has been adopted by 33 US States that will allow terminally ill patients to try experimental treatments in order to save their own lives. Christina is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute.


Goldwater Institute

Texas Doctor Saves Life with Right to Try Law

Goldwater Inst on Twitter

Christina Sandefur

Goldwater Inst on FB

Jan 18, 2017

Today's episode is about educational options available to parents. Our guest is David Rodriguez a thought leader in primary education and the publisher of the John Taylor Gatto book, "The Underground History of American Education."


Education Options Expo


The Underground History of American Education

Jan 11, 2017

My interview with Carlos Rene who works inside a Costa Rican Special Economic Zone we discuss how SEZ's bring greater economic prosperity to developing countries.


Dec 26, 2016

A look back at the podcast, the themes we cover, and what to look for in the new year. 

Dec 19, 2016

Ralph Raico passed away recently he was a professor who had an outsize impact on the liberty movement. Ralph was a contemporary of Murrary Rothbard and Ayn Rand and he was taught by both Ludwig Von Mises and Fredrich Hayek making him an important link the history of the Austrian School of Economics and the liberty movement. He focused on logic and clarity of thought, in all his work.



Ralph Raico 



Remembering Ralph Raico

Dec 14, 2016

In this episode I read my article Mojitos Or Malice? and discuss why trade embargoes do not have the desired effect.


Mojitos or Malice

If we make it thru Decembe



Nov 28, 2016

In this episode I speak with Mike Lorrey about the issue of Secession from the USA and from states within the USA. There is a legal and peaceful way to go about secession and we discuss historical example of states seceding from other states (Maine seceded from Massachusetts), and US Territories seceding to form their own countries (Cuba and the Philippines). Mike has also worked with a present day secession movement in Vermont, he is also active in the Free State Project in NH.



Free State Project

Nov 27, 2016

This brief episode is an overview of Liberty Classroom. Purchase the course now to take advantage of the Cyber Monday Sales



Liberty Classroom

Nov 21, 2016

This is my solo rant on California Secession. California is a diverse state and I think the easiest and best path to secession would be for the Bay Area to Secede.



CBS Article on California Secession  (it doesn't get anymore mainstream than that)

Nov 14, 2016

In this episode I speak with Gret Glyer founder of the app Donorsee. Donorsee is being called the Uber of charitable giving, it allows aid workers, missionaries, and relief workers around the world to post stories about people in need. Through the Donorsee app you can send money directly to the aid workers who then use the money to help those in need. The aid worker then posts an update on how your money directly benefited the person you gave money to. Its a beautiful elegant system which eliminates 99% of the overhead most aid organizations have.




Nov 7, 2016

Bretigne Schaffer is on the show to discuss her article "The Real Reason Libertarians Don't Matter." We discuss the current political system in the United States and why the incentive structure of that system guarantees greater freedom will not come about through the political process. We also discuss how the actions of individuals does bring about greater freedom. 



Urban Yogini
Nov 1, 2016

Lisa Caprelli and Michael Ashley are co-authors of "Skip a Step" a collection of stories from entrepreneurs about their struggles and success as entrepreneurs. They also have a website called Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide were they offer resources for young people interested in starting their own business.' If you are interested in freedom then having your own business is another strategy to ensure more personal freedom in your life. 






Oct 24, 2016

Andreas Kohl Martinez is on the show to discuss Lichtenstein, this tiny country strongly follows Austrian Economic Policies. The country defies many objections to Libertarian principles, they have no armed forces, a small population with few natural resources yet they the world's highest per capita GDP, and a diverse economy that includes: agriculture, manufacturing, and banking. It also allows the right of secession to any town or village within its borders by a simple majority vote. The monarch of Lichtenstein receives no tax revenue. Yet the country has never been invaded and has had the moral backbone to provide passports to Jews in WWII and refused to repatriate Russian refugees after WWII a move that saved hundreds of lives and was something no other country did. Lichtenstein is an amazing example for anyone interested in Liberty.


Vernon Smith Prize

Andreas Foundation

Liberty and Austrian economics in the principality of Liechtenstein

Lichtenstein Non-Aggression in Foreign Relations

Vent d' Est (Movie referred to in show notes)

Andreas Facebook Page

Oct 17, 2016

Today's Guest is Kevin McKernan, he works with Courtagen and Medicinal Genomics. In this episode we talk about personalized medicine and how mapping out both the human genome and canabis genome has already led to better medical care for people suffering from a variety of illness. The implications of personalized medicine are huge, but there are many regulatory hurdles to overcome. You don't want to miss this episode.


Oct 10, 2016

Free Private Cities is a Startup that seeks to build new cities from the ground up complete with their own legal jurisdiction and a contract with clients about what services will be provided.


Sep 26, 2016

I love the writings of CS Lewis and I think he has a stronger link to the liberty movement than most people realize. Isaac Morehouse comes back on the show to discuss CS Lewis and his writings.



Ethics of Liberty CS Lewis Quote

The Great Divorce

That Hideous Strength

Till We Have Faces

Willing Slaves of the Welfare State

Sep 19, 2016

In this episode I interview Tom Thomison about his latest project Encode. Its a way to decentralize your business. We talk about the effects of decentralization in the work place and how it better aligns incentives for everyone.




Sep 14, 2016

in this interview with Christopher David we discuss Arcade City a new ride sharing platform that allows drivers to set their own prices. Arcade City famously stepped into the void when Uber and Lyft were banned from that city they have since helped to coordinate over 30,000 rides.



Sep 8, 2016

In this interview with Tatiana Moroz we discuss her crypto-currency Tatiana coin. Tatiana has also been a strong advocate for Ross Ulbright and we discuss his trial and the movement to have his sentence appealed.


Tatiana's Website

Free Ross

Deep Web documentary about Ross and Silk Road

Aug 29, 2016

If this episode doesn't leave you feeling good about the world you may be clinically depressed. Toni Lane Casserly is a co-founder of the CoinTelegraph, Bitnation, and Kids Compassion Charity. She is an advisor to numerous other tech companies, and above all she is a positive person on a mission to make the world a better place.




Aug 23, 2016

In this episode we talk with Bill Rice of Decentral Hub a meetup space in Salt Lake City for Blockchain based business, we also talk about the d10e conference and some up and coming blockchain companies. (site not up yet, but soon)
Aug 15, 2016

Guido Baroncini Turricchia is the guest on the show and we discuss Helperbit an innovative platform for tracking how money that is donated for disaster relief is spent. If you have ever wondered where the money you donate goes to Helperbit will use the blockchain to help you track your donations. You will also have the option to donate directly to victims.



Jul 26, 2016

Preston Martin is on the show to discuss the recent conference in New Hampshire.




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